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Welcome to Ubuntu for Seniors

If you are new to Ubuntu or if you want to learn more about how to customize your Ubuntu, you have reached the right place.

Its never too late to start using Ubuntu for checking information on the internet.

Some background on how this started?

It all began when my dad wanted to being using the internet and look for information on the world wide web. We already had a PC with Windows at home. And, I thought he can start using it.

However, after the initial sessions of “How to switch on the computer and move the mouse” and “How to start the Internet Browser and go to the google web site”, he called me when I was at work one day and said that while he was visiting a site after a google search, a window suddenly popped up from nowhere and said something like “Are you interested in a honeymoon package?”. So, he wanted to know if he has to restart the PC now?

Thats when I decided to setup a Ubuntu machine for him and customise the desktop so that he can view only the items that interest him on his desktop.

How to get Ubuntu? Just go to http://www.ubuntu.com/ and download it into a DVD or USB Drive. Or, you can even opt to buy a CD by visiting http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/cds (In the early days of Ubuntu, we could request for a free disk along with the mailing address and it will be delivered free at your door step. I got mine in 4 days! However, with the demand for Ubuntu increasing and almost every home having internet access, the free CD option is no longer available.)

Common questions before installing Ubuntu:

Will my computer work with Ubuntu? Try it and see! Ubuntu works brilliantly with most computer models whether they’re Dell, HP, Acer or Toshiba. If you’re unsure whether your computer will work with Ubuntu, you can always run an Ubuntu CD alongside your current system – if it works, you’re all set to go.

Can I trial Ubuntu before installing it? That’s easy too! Just burn a CD so you can trial Ubuntu without affecting your current system.

What software can I run on Ubuntu?Ubuntu comes packed with all the open-source software and applications you need. You can find hundreds of fantastic applications in the Ubuntu Software Centre. And Ubuntu integrates brilliantly with other technologies too – whether it’s Microsoft Office, Flash or Skype.

How to install Ubuntu? Place the disk into the tray and get started. The self extracting package may ask you for a few questions or options after which it will take a few minutes to install and you are ready to get started with Ubuntu

Can I get a computer with Ubuntu on it?Yes you can! Lots of retailers sell computers with Ubuntu pre-installed. Ask in your local store or search for a distributor online.

Can I keep my current system and run Ubuntu alongside it?Yes – that’s easy. You can use Ubuntu Windows installer or burn a CD to run Ubuntu alongside your current system.

What will happen to all my files? When you switch to Ubuntu, you can open, edit and manage your existing files and use hardware like cameras, phones, printers and MP3 players. Remember, it’s always a good idea to back up your files first – so back up before you fire up!

Can I listen to music and watch videos? Of course!! You Tube is meant exactly for this purpose. Just search for anything from Ilayaraja to Kishore Kumar and you will find it..

YouTube logo

How do I connect my modem to my Ubuntu ? Connect the networking cable (RJ 45) to the computer’s networking port. The port would look something like follows:

This Ubuntu website shows you how to connect to the Internet and home networks. You will also find troubleshooting guides within the sections.

We offer FREE Assistance over phone over weekends. If you need assistance OR if you want to be a Voluneer, you can reach us on our email at  ubuntuforseniors@gmail.com

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